What Is X Client?

What Is X Client?
The client, as it is implemented by X, may seem backward at first glance. Generally, we think of servers as remote machines like file servers, news servers, or mail servers, with local clients accessing the servers. For X, however, it's the server that runs on the local machine, providing its services to the display based on requests from client programs that may be running locally or remotely. The server also manages the input devices (usually a keyboard and mouse), and it manages the display of colors and fonts on the screen, all based on requests from a client.

One of the most significant features of X Client is that it was specifically designed to work across a network. The client and the server communicate via the X Protocol, a network protocol that can run locally or across a network. Regardless of whether a client program is local or remote, X Client communicates with the server through the X Protocol.
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