What Is SSID? Service Set Identifier

What Is SSID?
SSID (Service Set Identifier) is meant to differentiate one network from another. SSID is the identification string used by the wireless access points by which clients are able to initiate connections.

SSID settings on your network should be considered the first level of security, and should be treated as such. In its standards-adherent state, SSID may not offer any protection to who gains access to your network, but configuring your SSID to something not easily guessable can make it harder for intruders to know what exactly they are looking at.

For each wireless access point you deploy, it is very important to choose a unique and difficult-to-guess SSID. Also, by default, wireless gateways happily broadcast the SSID to be picked up by any wireless network device for easy configuration. Hiding the SSID by disabling the SSID broadcast makes the life of an intruder tough.
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