What Is Wireless Network?

What Is Wireless Network?
The new standard in wireless network--802.11g--offers speed, security, and performance. It is also the most widely employed standard in corporate internal wireless LAN network. You can transfer data at up to 54Mbps using 802.11g (which is five times the speed of older 802.11b wireless network). And wireless LANs provide some obvious benefits: they always provide on-network connectivity, they do not require a network cable, and they actually prove less expensive than traditional network.

Wireless network have evolved into more affordable and logistically acceptable alternatives to wired LANs. But to take advantage of these benefits, your wireless LAN needs to be properly secured. Network security in a wireless LAN environment is a unique challenge.

Whereas wired network send electrical signals or pulses through cables, wireless signals propagate through the air. Because of this, it is much easier to intercept wireless signals. This extra level of security complexity adds to the challenges network administrators already face with traditional wired network. There are a number of extremely serious risks and dangers if wireless network are left open and exposed to the outside world.

This article covers the types of attacks wireless network encounter, preventive measures to reduce the chance of attack, guidelines administrators can follow to protect their company's wireless LAN, and an excellent supply of online resources for setting up a secure wireless network.
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